April 13, 2009

My Sister the Health Activist: Stephanie Herold

Entrant: Lauren Herold
Nominee: Stephanie Herold, Women’s Health Activist

This is an interview with my older sister, Steph Herold, a college senior who already has helped countless women with her passion for variety of different kinds of activism.

6 Responses to “My Sister the Health Activist: Stephanie Herold”

  1. Steph Says:

    Thanks, Ren! I’m so flattered to be up on this website.

  2. Liane and Bella Says:


    We are so proud of you!

    All our love,

    Mom & T

  3. June Says:

    Proud of you Steph, and Laurie! Ju Nee Theaunt

  4. Dad Says:

    Very proud of you both! Great video. I loved the thoughtful questions and answers! Love,Dad

  5. Leigh Ann Says:

    I’ve said it once, I’m sure I’ll say it a million times more – you are a star. Yasher Koach.

  6. Grandma Cress Says:

    My Dearest Granddaughters,
    You both are a constant source of pride and joy. Congratulations!
    Much love,
    Grandma Cress