April 5, 2010

Speaker of the House: Nancy Pelosi

View all Women’s Health Heroes. Voting closes May 14. Background info here.

Entrant: Sandra Gandsman
Nominee: Nancy Pelosi, Congresswoman and Speaker of the House

There is no woman in the country who deserves this honor more than Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi.

By sheer strength of will, this woman has led an unruly Congress into passage of the most far reaching health care legislation in the history of our country.  She persisted when others might have folded under the stress of constant attacks both personal, ugly and unrelenting.

While there is much still to be accomplished in health care, this is a brave new start, and Congresswoman Pelosi should be applauded for her success.

While some women may argue that she gave in to the right wing and the anti-choice minority with regard to abortion rights, I, however, would argue that she understood the historic movement she was propelling forward and determined the greater good was in providing health care to the many.  I, and the millions of women who have found themselves with out insurance or with overpriced policies, who feared losing a job would mean losing insurance, who were denied coverage for preexisting conditions or who had to choose between food or medication, need not fear anymore.

Thank you, Congresswoman Pelosi.

2 Responses to “Speaker of the House: Nancy Pelosi”

  1. Lana Says:

    You have got to be kidding! Nancy Pelosi, as a Health Hero!

  2. Erica Jong Says:

    A true hero for women, persevering in the face of attack!

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