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Our Mission Statement

Our Bodies Ourselves provides accessible, research-based information about women's health and sexuality. We advance health and human rights within a framework of values shaped by women's voices and a commitment to self-determination and equality.

Understanding Our Mission

Our Bodies Ourselves creates and disseminates reliable and accessible resources that women use, individually and in groups, to change the norms, laws, and policies that limit their own and their families' health, economic status, and roles in society.

Underlying the mission, programs, and operations of OBOS is a set of principles:

  • We believe our work should reflect a global perspective, recognizing that there are no borders to the problems of women's health and well being.

  • We believe that to bring home the Beijing Platform for Action we must highlight the ways that severe economic and racial disparities in health care in the United States affect the health of women and communities.

  • We recognize that to empower diverse constituencies we must be vigilant about the content of the information we provide, as well as the methods we use to exchange information and accomplish our work. We recognize that systems of oppression influence the implementation of even well-intentioned methods.

  • We believe that we must develop methods to pass our vision and voice to the next generation and create opportunities for intergenerational learning.

  • We believe that the way in which an organization carries out its work is as important as the work itself. We are committed to open dialogue, information exchange and community participation. We are committed to a fair workplace in which we foster collaborative and respectful relationships among our staff, board of directors and colleagues.






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