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The Our Bodies Ourselves website, like the book, reflects the work of many individuals.  In addition to those credited on the web content pages, special thanks for their contributions and assistance to: 

Amy Allina, Nermeen Arastu, Judith Baker, Shannon Berning, Jessica Blucher, Madeline Boscoe, Barbara Brenner, Julia Brody, The Common Benefits Trust Fund, Kathy Davis, Katherine Dawley, Catherine Delorey, Paula Doress-Worters, Anna Forbes, Nancy Forsyth, Maria Iorillo, Jon Kabat-Zinn, Martha Katz, Kathleen Kelley, Christina Lachance, Nancy Lambert and the art team at Simon & Schuster, Joel Lexchin, Lisa Linard, Marion Nestle, April Pace, Jane Pincus, Alicia Potter, Valerie Regehr, Susan Roll, Loretta Ross, Joan Schrammeck and the Feminist Women’s Health Center, Suzy Subways, Tekoa King , Laureen Tews, Leonore Tiefer, Gretchen Voss, Toni Weschler, Millicent Williams, and Diana Zuckerman.

Thanks also to the book contributors and to the Board of Directors and staff of Our Bodies Ourselves.






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