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Excerpts from Ourselves, Growing Older

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Most of the women in Our Bodies Ourselves (known then as the Boston Women's Health Book Collective) were in their twenties and thirties when they first came together. Our Bodies, Ourselves explored the pressing health concerns in their lives at the time: childbirth, abortion, birth control, and sexuality. As these pioneers of the second wave of feminism grew older and interacted with more women of all ages, they realized that the health concerns of middle-aged and older women also needed to be explored and questioned. Ourselves Growing Older was born out of the recognition of this need.

The most recent edition, The New Ourselves Growing Older, was published in 1994. We are pleased to present one important chapter, "Women's Health and Reforming the Medical Care System," in its entirety here on our website.


By Diana Laskin Siegal

Special thanks to Norma Meras Swenson, Alice Quinlan, and Eve Nichols
1994 Udate by Norma Meras Swenson with help from Diana Laskin Siegal and Paula B. Doress-Worters
Special Thanks to Naomi Cotter, Joan Ditzion, Arthur Mazer, and Wendy Sanford


Aging Is Not A Disease

Women’s Health And The Medical Care System

Government Research In Women’s Health

Women’s Stake In Changing The System

National Health Reform

Health Insurance Systems Today

Government Insurance (Medicare/Medicaid): "Entitlement" Programs

Things You Can Do Now To Get Health And Medical Care

Reforming Health-Insurance Practices






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