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Books, Articles and Audiovisual Materials:

“Abortion: Women decide.” Reproductive Health Matters. May 2, 2002; 10:19.

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Ferraro, Barbara, Patricia Hussey and Jane O'Reilly. No Turning Back: Two Nuns Battle with the Vatican over Women's Right to Choose. New York: Poseidon Press, 1990.

The Fight for Abortion Rights and Reproductive Freedom Newsletter
Civil Liberties and Public Policy Program, Hampshire College.

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Ipas. Human Rights, Unwanted Pregnancy & Abortion-Related Care: Reference Information and Illustrative Case. Chapel Hill, NC: Ipas, 2002.

Ipas. Woman-Centered Abortion Care: A Reference Manual. Chapel Hill, NC: Ipas, 2004

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Lader, Lawrence. RU-486: The Pill That Could End the Abortion Wars and Why American Women Don't Have It. Reading, MA: Addison-Wesley, 1991.
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Messer, Ellen and Kathryn E. May. Back Rooms: Voices from the Illegal Abortion Era. New York: Prometheus Books reprint ed., 1994.
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Reagan, Leslie. When Abortion Was A Crime: Women, Medicine and Law in the United States, 1867-1973. Berkeley and Los Angeles, CA: University of California Press, 1998.

Reproductive Freedom News
On-line publication available from the Center for Reproductive Rights

Reproductive Rights Update, A Quarterly Report
American Civil Liberties Union

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