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Excerpts from Our Bodies, Ourselves 2011

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A limited number of excerpts from the most recent edition of "Our Bodies, Ourselves," published in October 2011, are listed below. For a complete look inside the book, view the table of contents. You can also browse advance praise and reviews.

The book is available at bookstores nationwide and online. Inscribed editions are offered for donations of $150 or more.

Interested in providing "Our Bodies, Ourselves" to your clients or members? Learn more about the 70 percent clinic discount for health clinics and certain nonprofit organizations.


Chapter 1: Our Female Bodies

Chapter 3: Body Image

Chapter 4: Gender Identity and Sexual Orientation

Chapter 5: Relationships

Chapter 6. Social Influences on Sexuality

Chapter 7. Sexual Pleasure and Enthusiastic Consent

Chapter 9: Birth Control

Chapter 10: Birth Control

Chapter 11: Sexually Transmitted Infections

Chapter 13: Abortion

Chapter 14: Considering Parenting

Chapter 15: Pregnancy and Preparing for Birth

Chapter 17: The Early Months of Parenting

Chapter 19: Infertility and Assisted Reproductive Technologies

Chapter 20: Perimenopause and Menopause

Chapter 21: Our Later Years

Chapter 22: Selected Medical Problems

Chapter 23: Navigating the Health Care System

Chapter 24: Violence Against Women

Chapter 25: Environmental and Occupational Health

Chapter 26: Politics of Women’s Health

Chapter 27: Activism in the 21st Century



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