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Our Bodies, Ourselves, 2011 edition

Table of Contents


Bodies and Identities
1.  Our Female Bodies: Sexual Anatomy, Reproduction, and the Menstrual Cycle
2.  Intro to Sexual Health
3.  Body Image
4.  Gender Identity and Sexual Orientation

Relationships and Sexuality
5.  Relationships
6.  Social Influences on Sexuality
7.  Sexual Pleasure and Enthusiastic Consent
8.  Sexual Challenges
Sexual Health and Reproductive Choices
9.   Birth Control
10. Safer Sex
11. Sexually Transmitted Infections
12. Unexpected Pregnancy
13. Abortion
14. Considering Parenting
15. Pregnancy and Preparing for Birth
16. Labor and Birth
17. The Early Months of Parenting
18. Miscarriage, Stillbirth and other Losses
19. Infertility and Assisted Reproductive Technologies
Postreproductive Years
20. Perimenopause and Menopause
21. Our Later Years
Medical Problems and Navigating the Health-care System
22. Selected Medical Problems
23. Navigating the Health Care System
Major Forces Affecting Women's Sexuality and Reproductive Health
24. Violence Against Women
25. Environmental Health
26. Politics of Women’s Health
27. Activism in the Twenty-first Century

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